In the spring of 2005, Rebecca and I arrived from San Francisco, California to bring our vision of what we thought would be the perfect bar/restaurant for us. A place where we would hang out… Hence the birth of “Milk Bar & Bistro”.

Its heathy atmosphere is in keeping with the spaces chequered past. It was once a famous absinthe bar with tarot cards being read, where the less desirable of Barcelona’s nights would once gather.

The goal was to serve a family style menu of tasty, bold flavoured foods with global influence in a fun and lively setting that makes our guests feel at home from the moment they walk in the door. Have we achieved this? From all the wonderful reviews over the years we think so but it is always a work in progress and hospitality is a passion that never sleeps.

The menus for day and night are seasonal and have a little something for everyone. We offer locally sourced produce, craft beers and a wide array of cocktails for all tastes. The concept of Brunch was late coming to Barcelona. We pioneered the idea here at Milk which was a tough sell at the beginning. However, it has been embraced by one and all and is wildly popular which is why we do it 7 days a week from 9am to 4.30pm. We do not take reservations for brunch but we will always find a place for you.

Dinner is served every evening from 7.00 pm to 12.00 am. Get in early. The menu delivers a contrast of flavours and ingredients that give our favourites from many years of travelling, an innovative twist.

Our Team have a great knowledge of Barcelona and its hidden treasures, so be sure to ask what is on offer. Rebecca and I hope that you all find Milk a great meeting place to start an unforgettable vacation in this incredible city.

Please take a look at our extended family of eateries (Marmalade and Firebug), and once again welcome to Barsssselona!

From Barcelona with Love,

Rebecca and Paul ❤

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